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  Welcome To The Charleston, South Carolina
Filipino Community Center Homepage

The Filipino Community Center, Inc. 
is a non-profit tax-exempt organization
 that was founded in 1989 by the concerned
 Filipinos of Charleston, SC under the 
leadership of Jimmy Gapusan.
The center is located along Highway 52 and
 the corner of Oakley Road, Moncks Corner in the
 beautiful Berkeley County South Carolina.

It is situated on 5.1 acres of land in which 3.1 acres
was acquired through the financial initiative of the

under the leadership of Noli D. Galinato.

The facility is equipped with two bathrooms and a kitchenette.
 There are four inter-connected sheds  with an
 outdoor speaker system for piped-in music
 and a public address system.

There's also a Welcome Center/Gazebo,
 where group meetings are held by various

Filipino organizations.

The Filipino Community Center is a social service agency
dedicated to enriching the life of every Filipino and the
Filipino-American community. The center is also a place to
preserve and enhance the heritage, traditions, ethics,
and values of the Filipino culture

The Filipino Community Center is progressively growing
with the dedication, hard work, and the volunteer support of
the Filipino community in the tri-county.


This site is is maintained by our volunteer webmasters Dennis
and Arnold Galinato .

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